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The Boosters has provided $152,267 in funding since July 2022 back to your kids!


Troy High Athletic Boosters is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization. We believe that a healthy body and a healthy mind are key to a healthy and happy student.  We believe that being part of a team, whether directly as a player or as a supportive fan with winning school spirit, contributes to a student’s sense of belonging and community.  Our mission is to foster such an environment that inspires student athletes, coaches, spectators, parents, and the community to collectively create a positive and spirited atmosphere for all Troy High School athletic programs and support the athletic endeavors of all Troy High students. We are dedicated to the support of our student athletes and their coaching staff as they build the physical and moral character of our students and prepare them to lead into the future.  Additionally, the Troy High Sports Boosters are committed to ensuring an optimal spectator experience at all athletic contests by providing a quality concessions operation to support our fans and spectators during their time at a Troy High event.

The Troy High Athletic Boosters (“Boosters”) is a fully volunteer group of parents whose mission is to enhance the Troy High athletic community by providing financial support for THS athletic programs, this is done by funding areas of need that are not fully covered by the school budget or players fees.    The primary source of funding for this financial support are the profits generated from the concession operation run by the Boosters which provides food, snacks and beverages through our indoor and outdoor concession stands.  The concession operations are managed (including all product acquisition, stock management, marketing, and finance efforts) and staffed for game day operations by a fully volunteer group of parents and students allowing the Boosters to return 100% of the profits back to the athletic community. 

Our next meeting is Monday, August 5th, 2024 at 7pm in the Media Center.

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Troy High Athletic Boosters Proud Sponsors!

Troy High Athletic Boosters raises money through fundraisers and concessions to support Troy High athletics. All of the events are loaded on the Sign-Up-Genius for the spring and ready for you to volunteer for the 2024 season. If you are not interested in volunteering at the concession stand we have plenty of other areas we could use your help. For example, purchasing, clothing, inventory, social media, etc. Reach out to use anytime to learn more.

To ensure the best game day experience please do your part and sign up below on our Sign Up Genius.

We usual meet the first Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the media center unless otherwise noted below. Park at the Main Office loop of the school, enter through the doors nearest the Main Office, then take a right down the hallway and you’ll see the Media Center on your left.

The next meeting is Monday, August 5th, 7pm in the Media Center Troy High School.

If you have any questions about joining or working the concessions, please contact Michael Sumnar, at E-mail Michael

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ANYONE is welcome to volunteer to help. Please consider donating your time today! 

This is a GREAT way to meet new people and reconnect with old friends too!